The Zombies – That time of the season

I’ve mentioned here a couple of times about my Beatlecentric view of the world, in which I theorize about how The Beatles have completely changed the musical industry, etc, etc, etc, and there is the world before-Beatles and after-Beatles, but you’ve read about it already (and very probably disagreed, but that’s ok, we can still be friends).

And so, my dear Beatleskeptical friend, a Beatle-related phenomenon you surely can’t deny, is the British Invasion.

This term represents the movement in which many cool and stylish british bands were boosted world-wide, and mainly in America’s hit parades, by The Beatles’s success.

The Zombies was one of those bands. They went big on the parades in the US in 1964 with “She’s not there”, here for you to listen:

I like it, it’s catchy, it’s as british invasion as you can possibly get, I find it charming, with an awesome instrumentalization. But IMHO, the crown’s jewel ( did you appreciate this very smart queen related pun? huh? huh?) by The Zombies is the song Time of the season.

I think that maybe it sounds better because here the singer Rod Argent isn’t singing in a higher note than his actual tune is, as in She’s not there. Also this song has a great pace, and a sensual feel to it. Plus the crazy ambitious keyboard solo. What’s not to love?

Fun fact: when they sing “Who’s your daddy? / Is he rich like me?” is a reference to the fantastic Gershwin / Heyward Jazz song Summertime, in which we hear Oh, yo’ daddy’s rich and yo’ ma is good-lookin’”.


Go ahead and add it to your playlist, so you can hear it in the morning, afternoon, evening, working or during your holidays. Just go, already and add it!




Já falei algumas vezes aqui no blog sobre a minha visão de mundo Beatlecêntrica, que eu enxergo como os Beatles mudaram completamente a indústria musical, etc, etc, etc.

E um fenômeno danado provocado pelos Beatles que você – por mais anti-Beatles que seja, querido leitor – não pode negar, é a British Invasion.

Calma, permita-me desanglicanizar, esse termo representa o movimento de invasão de bandas britânicas com seus estilos pra lá de cool e músicas descoladas no mundo inteiro e principalmente nas apradas de sucesso dos EUA.

The Zombies foi uma dessas bandas, que estourou nos EUA em 1964 com “She’s not there” , que vou deixar aqui pra você curtir:

Acho boa, acho chciclete, acho british invasion pra caramba, acho charmosa, acho a instrumentação foda. Mas a joia da coroa (apreciou o trocadilho, referente à terra da rainha? hum? hum?) dos Zombies pra mim é Time of the season.

Talvez ela soe melhor (na minha humilde opinião), por que aqui o vocalista Rod Argent não canta tanto em falsete como em She’s not there, e sim utiliza seu timbre mais grave com essa música mais lenta.


Essa é pra adicionar na playlist e ouvir de manhã, tarde, noite, trabalhando ou de férias. De nada!


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