When I’m Gone – Phil Ochs

Hold up.

Now this is some fucking amazing, mind-blowing, heart pinching song.


Phil Ochs is a very talented performer that many people don’t know. He was a very outspoken singer and songwriter in the counterculture scene of 1960s USA. 

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He was known as a stingin protest singer, always very vocal on his opposition to the vietnam war, government and politicians, and other society problems. He was a very prolific and talented writer, with many songs written and articles published in newspapers, in order to perpetuate his ideals and share it with the world.

Sadly, he commited suicide by the age of 35, leaving a legacy of painfully strong protest songs, that seem more and more actual to these days.

Listen, get the feels, and be mesmerized by the power there is in When I’m Gone:


Essa música é foda.

Puta merda.

Phil Ochs foi um nome muito ativo na cena da contra cultura americana dos anos 1960. Ele era conhecido como um cantor de protesto, sempre se opondo a guerra do vietnã e demais problemas da sociedade. Escrevia muito, e era sempre muito prolífico de seus ideais.

Cometeu suicídio aos 35 anos, e deixou um legado de músicas de protesto que parecem atuais demais pros dias de hoje.

Curta When I’m Gone: